EXPLORE with a curious mind

GUIDE safely to satisfying outcomes

DEVELOP through creativity

Tune in to individual’s and teams’ unique stories and help them articulate their meaning


Build a pool of collective knowledge that’s adaptable, transferable and sustainable


Challenge uncertainties


Act as a catalyst in creating an interdependent learning force between individuals


Welcome new possibilities


Support individual or team quests by providing realistic, practical and manageable toolboxes

Professional values


I believe in the inherent value of each individual’s knowledge and wisdom as well as the collective knowledge and wisdom of a team. People have different models of the world and will use a variety of tools and approaches to communicate, make decisions, solve problems or innovate.


I believe in expanding on each person’s model, whether it is an intellectual, pragmatic, visceral or creative model.


I also recognize intuitive leadership as a powerful means to read and understand events, people, situations and human dynamics.

“A sustainable society recognizes the intricate web of relationships that bind all living creatures into a common destiny. It emphasizes partnership rather than domination; cooperation more than competition; love more than power.” L.W. Milbrath