Coaching, whether with individuals or groups, is a creative process that fosters accountability. Clients learn how to find and apply new solutions, which correspond to their needs.

Who is coaching for?

Whether executives, managers or professionals going through transitions, our clients know when they’re facing adversity: they recognize the physical or emotional symptoms, and they’re frustrated by events where they have little or no control. When actions fail to achieve the desired outcomes, coaching is invaluable.

How we coach

Our clients are compelled through coaching to stop and reflect. With our guidance, they recognize behavioural patterns, qualify relationships, and measure their performance in order to catalyze deeper change.

Positive change comes when clients grow their willingness to practice:

  • Introspection: practice self-reflection and gain perspective
  • Humility: recognize personal strengths and limitations, accomplishments and shortfalls, successes and failures
  • Curiosity: explore alternative approaches, tools and opportunities to mind re-setting
  • Courage: implement those new tools and seize those new opportunities to practice changes