Design is the intentional, clear and focused structure, which ensures groups reach decisions, accomplish goals and experience deep and transformational learning.

At Management Savvy, we leverage our breadth of multi-disciplinary competencies and expertise in experiential learning to design learning tools, processes and curriculums. We design workshops, retreats, conferences, organizational initiatives and developmental programs. Whether you’re looking to build leadership skills, accelerate decision making, navigate complexity or instill contagious accountability, our designs ensure learning sticks.

Facilitation is all about process – the HOW. While the facilitator’s responsibility is to guide and enable a group to achieve their own agreed purpose, the members of the group are responsible for the content – the WHAT.

Based on our client’s specific intention (the why) and desired outcomes (the what), we design and facilitate personalized experiential workshops, meetings, retreats, dialogues and programs, which help our clients flourish. The themes of these facilitations vary, and include, but are not limited to: fostering new habits and behaviours, carrying out specific tasks and reaching goals, or understanding something at a deeper level. Through these experiences, participants come to value and develop their own expertise, creativity and skills.