The HBDI is a quick, easy-to-take survey that registers and interprets your thinking preferences. For some, taking the HBDI suddenly identifies a lifetime pattern of personal and professional choices. For others, it sends signals as to which area of interpersonal growth cries out for development.

The Foundation: Explore Self First

To get started, all you have to do is assess your own thinking style to determine which of the four quadrants of the brain with which you’re most comfortable thinking by completing the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). Coaching is more impactful when clients have their HBDI results. It accelerates the process and rapidly identifies the area of development.

Learning to use your Whole Brain® and not just the parts with which you’re most comfortable can put you on a path to improved self-awareness, self-esteem and career success.

The Application: Then Explore Others
Applying Whole Brain Thinking™ to pair and group of 4 or more people addressing team issues for improved performance. Specific pair/group objectives are addressed (e.g., communication, team building, conflict resolution, decision-making process) through workshops, consulting and tailored products with the goal of helping people learn to think with their whole brains, not just with the parts with which they feel most comfortable.