AMPLIFY the value that is already there

EQUIP people to face complex challenges

LEARN constantly


Recognize what is there, and amplify it

We believe in the inherent value of each individual’s knowledge and wisdom, as well as the collective knowledge and wisdom of a team. We know that people have different models of the world and use a variety of approaches to communicate, make decisions, solve problems and innovate. That’s why we build on each person’s model, whether intellectual, pragmatic, visceral or creative, and create opportunities to thread together, and leverage the existing collective experiences. This is integral for sustainable and agile transformation.

Equip people facing complex challenges by building new capacities through experiential learning

We know there is no recipe, silver-bullet or magic bean for real, successful transformation. Learning demands the development of new capabilities, and these cannot be spoon-fed. They must be experienced. At Management Savvy, we call on the most effective method for adult learning, experiential learning. The initiatives and programs we design invite participants on a learning journey where their skills are built through actions and shared experiences. From this, participants reflect, process and analyze their experiences in order to identify and curate their own relevant, applicable and impactful learning path forward. Our designs help people learn from their excellent past mistakes so that they can continue to learn from their inevitable future mistakes.

We are profoundly dedicated to our own learning too

We are committed to challenging and developing our own methods. The foundation of our work is inspired by a range of situational methodology, including, but not limited to: Carol Dweck – Growth Mindset, Appreciative Inquiry, Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory, NLP, Liberating Structures, Design Thinking, Theory U, Open Systems Theory, Complexity Science, HBDI and the Kaospilot – Enterprising Leadership Educational Model.

“A sustainable society recognizes the intricate web of relationships that bind all living creatures into a common destiny. It emphasizes partnership rather than domination; cooperation more than competition; love more than power.” L.W. Milbrath